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Simulator Offerings:


Pilots can learn the GARMIN 1000 systems in our simulator and transition to the aircraft with complete confidence to operate the modern TAA equipment. This G1000 simulator offers a level of professionalism rarely found in general aviation and is utilized for both IFR and VFR training.

GARMIN 430W/530W

It’s hard to find a pilot who hasn’t seen a Garmin 430/530 GPS yet. These popular models can be found in cockpits all over the world, from small single-engine Cessnas to ultralights and large turboprop aircraft. We are pretty much all used to electronics, computers and GPSes nowadays, but these somewhat older and more traditional systems can often prove quite the challenge when you’re not used to it. Selecting waypoints, switching map modes, zooming in/out, switching frequencies, it might come naturally to more experienced pilots – student pilots and new private pilots might experience some challenges when they need to program those GPS systems by themselves.


Develop proficiency in multi-engine operations including, but not limited to:

- Simulated engine failure during takeoff.

- Simulated engine failure after takeoff.

- Simulated engine failure during other critical phases.

- Single-engine approach (IFR and VFR).

- Single-engine missed approach (IFR and VFR).

- Airborne engine shutdown and restart.

- Maneuvering with an inoperative engine.

- Vmc Demonstration.

- Single-engine landing.

These simulators will make your practice and training much more efficient and will save you money. Use the sims to:

  • Become an expert with the GPS - learn how to use every button and knob.

  • Practice all phases of IFR flying - including Departures, Enroute,  Holds, Approaches, and Missed Approaches.

  • Get proficient at entering and modifying flight plans

  • Learn each unit's idiosyncrasies so you don't get surprised in the airplane - the worst place for surprises.

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P: (732) 996-4926

Thank you for your help restoring my IFR capabilities!  I now have a thorough understanding of the 430W and Foreflight and feel current on IFR procedures.  I plan to continue to fly with you as I always learn something.

— Allen Payne